Episode 05 – Succeeding by Specializing

Andrew and Kenny discuss why specialization is critical for success as consultants and how to go about specializing in ways that work with your business model and get you noticed online.

In this episode:

  • Why specializing is necessary for success as a consultant
  • What type of specialization is important
  • How successful generalists are really specialists, too.
  • Why we naturally fail to specialize
  • How specializing supercharges ALL of your marketing, and how to do it
  • Q&A with clients:  What’s the fastest way to get clients on a budget?
  • Tip of the week:  Quick test to see if you’re specializing well
  • Inspiration of the week: Roger Philby


Consultants MUST specialize to succeed [Click to Tweet]
Why consultants FAIL to specialize [Click to Tweet]
Quick test: Are you specializing for your biz? [Click to Tweet]


Download Episode 05 PDF Transcript

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